Welcome to Equifinality!

We are so excited that you are here. This blog has been in the making for many months and now that life has slowed down (at least for a few seconds) we have finally gotten it started 🙂 We look forward to creating a space for purposeful discussion on all things horse!

Why the name Equifinality?

Equifinality is defined as the idea that a specific result can be attained by many different means, essentially that there are many different paths to the same end. The concept was named by a developmental psychologist, Hans Driesch, as a way to describe a complex system’s convergent behaviors. Later on, Ludwig von Bertalanffy applied the term to the larger paradigm of systems theory. Systems Theory has been adopted by many different disciplines but has yet to make its appearance in the realm of horses (at least to our knowledge!)

We believe that interacting with horses has a certain equifinality about it. If you ask 20 horse people a question, chances are you will end up with about 56 different answers… and THAT is what makes it so fascinating! Horses belong to the genus “equus” which makes the name even better! We hope that this blog will serve as a platform for discussion about all the different ways and opinions of doing things and will be a rich environment for learning and being open to new ideas!

What does Equifinality mean to us?

Leanne: For me, the word equifinality is the only “clear” way to explain how humans and horses interact. As a horsewoman, equine-assisted mental health practitioner, and researcher, I love to explore all the different ways messages are communicated and the why behind the behaviors displayed by BOTH the humans and the horses. The equifinality approach also creates an open environment for all of us to share our opinions and experiences without the pressure of simply one correct way. There is not one way to do anything and I am excited to learn and explore the equifinality of horses and humans further!

Rachel: ‘Variety is the spice of life’ is one of the phrases rolling around in my head at any given time. I love taking different routes when traveling to familiar places just to see something new and when it comes to horses and humans I believe there are also many paths we can take that will lead to similar destinations in our relationships.  Although I have had horses in my life since the age of 11 my path has not been a linear one, I’m sure many other horse lovers can relate. Every time I am around horses I learn something new and I look forward to learning new ways of being, playing, caring for and working with horses through this collaboration. 

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